Need more chocolate

This past weekend, we went to a party celebrating my brother’s graduation from highschool.  I made cupcakes!

These are my FAVORITE cupcakes and, after a verbiose story from me, they can be your favorite, too.

Last year, for Ella’s 3rd birthday, we threw a carnival-themed party.  Ryan made a Spongebob cut out from plywood.  He cut out the teeth and placed golf tees to hold up ping-pong balls.  These were for target practice.  He helped me make a plywood Cookie Monster with a mouth cutout, and I sewed cookie bean bags to toss in.  We also had a small swimming pool with felt sea creatures and washers with magnetic fishing poles.  We made kits of PVC pipes and fittings so each kid could make marshmallow shooters.  There was a station with bubble solution and pipe cleaners so kids could make their own bubble wands.  You get the point.  They were all unmanned stations, making the parents escort the kids through the different play areas, with bins full of novelty toys.  So as the kids would play, the parents could award the kids with little toys for their goodie bags.

For dessert, I wanted to have a variety of things to satisfy every sweet tooth.  I did a fruit salad, a white cake with fresh strawberry frosting, and a chocolate therapy cake. Everything looked and tasted delicious.  But… It was a VERY hot and humid day.  Both the white cake and chocolate cake MELTED.  Cakes don’t melt, you say.  The frosting liquified and the layers of cake slid off each other.  Also, when someone would cut a slice of either cake, it was lava flow of sweets oozing down from all directions.  It was the saddest display of birthday cakes ever.

I got such rave reviews from both cakes.  I only wished that I could make them more appealing.  I did some research, the frosting needed more confectioners’ sugar to keep it’s stiffness in high humidity.  Ok, so that solved the melting issue, but there was still the problem with cutting.  Well, if they didn’t have to cut into it, that wouldn’t be a problem.  Duh!  Cupcakes!

I experimented with the chocolate cake.  Ok, so one recipe makes a 3-layer, 9-inch cake.  That should be about 2 dozen cupcakes, maybe?  Oh-em-geezy, I ended up making 5 dozen cupcakes with that recipe!  I wasn’t about to make that much frosting, so I cut that recipe in half.  Good thing too, it took twice as much confectioners’ sugar for it to maintain it’s structure in the Hawaii humidity.  I ended up piping it on top of each cupcake and decorating it with half a cookie.  I’ve made this recipe as cupcakes 3 times.  After the second time, Ryan said maybe I should ask for his permission if I’m going to bake again.  Not only does it make way too many to consume (rather, that you should consume), but it takes a lot of time to prep, bake, and frost.  So really, a large party is my only excuse to make this recipe.

So, there you have it.  The most delicious chocolate cupcakes!  As I mentioned, beware, it makes a lot.

Recipe — make the cake recipe, fill cupcake liners about half full.  Cut frosting recipe in half, add more confectioners’ sugar until desired consistency.