Why Ella et Rett?
I started blogging several years ago under Randiomocity.  My blog was very self-centric, opinionated, and random.  It was very much how my Yelp account is today –  a place to praise or throw shade my thoughts on whatever was on my mind.   Then, as life happens, my posts became more domestic, I talked about craft projects and life experiences.  I had a new baby, and a new perspective that came with it.  That blog didn’t seem to fit me anymore.
I reinvented my identity and that’s how I came to Ella With Love.  The creative juices were flowing, I couldn’t get enough time at the craft table.  I was constantly thinking of my next project: scouring Pinterest, reading a daily digest of creative blogs, and filling my project queue.  Then life changed again.  Another baby, and again, another perspective.  I was too tired to think of the next project, I didn’t feel like adding new projects of my list of to-dos, let alone work on unfinished projects.  This continued on for over a year.  I worked on projects, (ohh how rewarding that felt!) but the momentum was gone.  I tried to pick up the blog and try again, but I realized, it didn’t seem to fit me anymore.
When other bloggers change, they get a new layout, maybe they just tell their readers they’re going in a new direction, they upgrade to a new domain.  I take things a little more drastically.  It’s my life, and BAM!  It changed, just like my blog.


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