August LootCrate

Remember how I decided to get Ryan a subscription to LootCrate for his birthday?  The August box arrived yesterday!

What’s inside:

  • HEROES booklet
  • Shwings – shoe accessories
  • Deadpool Magnet
  • Groot Funko POP! figurine
  • Monthly button
  • TMNT Leonardo’s bandana glasses
  • TMNT Leonardo kidrobot figurine
  • Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener
  • Digital Loot card with codes for 3 games/apps

After July’s VILLIANS box, Ryan was a little hesitant if it was the right fit.  It was cool and all, but he didn’t really associate with the posters and socks.  After seeing the loot this month, he’s now excited.  When he had time to sit down and check out the items, the first thing he did was put on the TMNT Leonardo glasses.  He said that Leonardo was always his favorite character, so it was fitting that he received this particular set (I saw on other unboxings that the other characters were included in the crates too).

My personal favorite item of the box was the Shwings.  I don’t wear lace up shoes, but I would totally rock these (if he’d let me have them).  It’s funny, as each item was being pulled out of the box, I was wondering if it was like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag.   The box didn’t look that big, but more goodies kept coming out!

We’re (I am, at least) excited for next month!


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