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This year for Ryan’s birthday, I wanted to get him a subscription box.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, basically you pay a fee for a subscription, similar to a magazine and at predetermined times, you receive a box full of goodies.  Once, for Valentines’ Day, Ryan gifted me a year-subscription for Birch Box.  It was like 13 months (buy 12+1 bonus) of little gifts!  Each box was filled with new/sample beauty finds and other treats.  I honestly didn’t use much of the stuff, but you know how consumerism works.

Anyway, since then, there have been several similar companies that have popped up and each one catering to a unique audience.  Ryan has expressed interest in Bespoke Post.  In my opinion, it’s a box curated for luxury living.  Yes, I know he has aspirations to become wealthy and own a smoking chair in a library, taking annual holiday at our summer loft.  But I’ve been eyeing the boxes, and none of them really fit him.  Sure it’d be cool to have a salt block for grilling, a mini cask for aging whiskey, or a kit for detailing your car — wait a minute.  This box isn’t for me.  I definitely needed to find something else.  After all, what kind of wife and best friend would I be if I get him what he wanted?  (Inferring, that instead I get him what he doesn’t know he wanted. Duh.)

I’ve researched other subscription boxes, looked at reviews of what’s inside, did comparisons of value, and I was deciding between Fancy Box, Nerd Block, and Loot Crate.

  • Fancy Box is for those closet celeb-wannabes.  It’s like having the latest in what’s trendy, some of the subscription boxes are even curated by famous people.  The problem I had with this was the lack of usability.  People that received the box raved about how the monetary value of their boxes were 3-4 times what they paid.  But really, how often would he use an aqua speaker?  A pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses?  I could walk in to Nordstrom and pick an assortment of grab gifts from the tables on a triple point day.  Same thing.
  • Nerd Block is a subscription box full of everything nerdy.  Pop! figurines, mini puzzle games, awesome t-shirts.  That was something I could get behind.  A box of random, but really cool stuff.  We spent an afternoon shopping around for a curio to display some of his cool toys and collectibles.  Unfortunately, we don’t have an IKEA and we aren’t able to fashion a wall like Adam Savage, so for now, a shelf we bought a few years ago from Target will have to suffice.  Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right…
  • Loot Crate is similar to the previous, but THEME-based.  OMfG.NfW.  Previous boxes showed Transformers!  And references to Back To The Future!  Adventure Time!  One lucky subscriber can win a MEGA box with gaming consoles or other really friggen’ fantastic stuff?  Ok, so we’re not lucky people and you can cross that last one off the list of pros, but I was sold.  Although he’ll deny it, Ryan is a little kid in a candy shop when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Ok, so it’s set.  He’s getting a gift that will keep giving, for the next 6-months anyway.  Happy Birthday, Ryan!

P.S.  I set the size for Mens’ XL.  I read that some of the boxes contain shirts and you will want to order a size up since they are smaller and tend to shrink quite a bit.



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