Hair update: 10-14 days

At the time this picture was taken, it was 10 days since I shampoo’d.
At this point, my itching is gone, my scalp doesn’t feel oily, and my hair is naturally straighter and I don’t have to spend 15 minutes with a flat iron getting all the weird flips and kinks out!

Also, at this time, Ryan said my hair doesn’t smell clean.  I mean really, just because it doesn’t smell like soap doesn’t mean it’s not clean.  Alternatively, just because it smells “clean”, doesn’t mean that it is (clean).  So I cave, we go to Whole Paycheck and I pick up a bottle of Aubrey’s natural shampoo.

Ugh!  After one wash, my hair felt dry and stripped.  By the next morning, my scalp was itchy and flakey again.  Needless to say, my hair was unmanageable and that day was a pony tail day.  I decided maybe I should go back to water rinsing, but we ended up going to a party the next day where there was a pig cooking on an open fire.  My hair, clothes, and everything I had with me is saturated with an ash-scent.  So another round of shampoo.  Again, my hair felt dry (almost crunchy!) and I could not stop itching.

Don’t mind the photo, I’m very unhappy with the current state of my hair.

I’m so bummed.  My hair looked and felt great, and with just a couple of shampoo washes it has gone monster freak show.  Hopefully, in the next few days of non-poo I can get back to pretty hair.


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