This is how you Spanish roll

To the left, to the left. To the front, to the front. Now sprinkle, baby, sprinkle. Sprinkle, baby, sprinkle.
 The latest dance moves? Nah! It’s just my technique for making Spanish rolls!
 These contain milk, eggs, and butter, so definitely not survivalist bread. But let me tell you, I could survive off this bread! I think I’ve expressed how much I love bread, but now it’s baked with butter and sugar rolled up in it and sprinkled all over? Yum. I ate two. I had to make sure it tasted good, then I had to taste if it still tasted good when it was cold. (It did!)
 I have to disclose, however, I didn’t exactly follow the instructions. I was supposed to turn the dough out onto the countertop and knead it. I did that for all of, maybe ten minutes. I was putting all my weight into it, perspiring from the higher humidity, and I just didn’t feel like doing it. My stand mixer came in and saved the day. In the same amount of time it took me to decide to use it, it got the job done.
 Also, after the bread hook did it’s magic, rather than letting it rise for 3 hours (who has the time?!), I covered the bowl with plastic wrap, placed it in middle rack of the oven. Boiled a quart of water and poured it in a pan that I then placed on the bottom rack, then shut the door. In about an hour, the dough was pretty much doubled in size.
 So really, my deviations were only time-saving tricks. I’ll probably make these again, but with more butter and sugar, and maybe a brush of butter over the top, too. My favorite bakery Spanish roll is saturated in butter and gritty with excess sugar. Of course you’re willing to eat it, but making it that way is met with so much hesitation. Oh well, here are some shots from tonight’s adventure!;
 Before baking:

 After baking:

 Eh! No make fun of how it looks. I have a hard time securing the flap, so when it bakes it puffs out and rises more. It makes it look less roll-like and probably contributes to its drier consistency, but they are still very delicious and addicting.


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