Bread and butter

I love me some fresh bread!
 I may be a terrible asian and resident of Hawaii for saying that. Most people leave the ‘aina (land) and come home craving rice. Don’t get me wrong, rice is yummy when it’s sticky and paired with something salty like spam, crispy bacon, chicken long rice, or chili. But when I spend any amount of time a away from Hawaii, when I come home, I don’t care.
 What I do like is BREAD! And pasta, too. But I could easily walk into an Italian restaurant, eat all the bread, and have no room for the main course. I also prefer little sauce on my pizzas, pan crust being my ultimate fave!
 Ryan was saying bread is a good starch option if we ever need to survive without electricity. We’ve been doing practice runs to find a recipe we like, because you wouldn’t want to wait until a hurricane to make rocks!
 Ryan’s first attempt was in a Dutch oven. It smelled great and was really …rustic. It was really dense and the crust was tough to bite and chew.
 Next, I tried making a loaf of French bread. It looked sort of like it was supposed to, but again, it was more dense than I expected and the crust still on the thicker side. Flavor-wise, I also think it should be a little sweeter and less yeasty. Although, you will hardly notice if you spread on a large pat of softened butter!

 I guess we need to keep doing these test runs! Good thing I love bread!


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