No poo

No sham-poo, that is. I may get a little TMI here, you’ve been warned. Don’t judge (or do, I don’t really care).

When I was pregnant with my first, I had beautiful, shiny hair. It was awesome.

A few months postpartum, when the hair loss started, my scalp turned itchy, dry, and flaky. I figured it was hormonal, and I just needed time to adjust. It never quite returned to “normal”, but it was manageable (and I tried not to wear dark tops). At my second pregnancy, I was excited for the return of gorgeous hair. I waited and waited, my scalp got more and more itchy.
There were days I would tug on my hair just to feel the relief of the constant crawling-feeling. Some days, I even worried that I had head lice! Following the birth of my second, my scalp just got redonk. Large patches of my scalp would flake off. AND, because the patches were so large they had holes where my hair grew, and would get stuck on the roots. Even the skin around my ears and the nape of my neck were peeling off. I basically looked like I was molting. GROSS.

I tried to do deep massaging washes every few days and between washes flip my dry head upside-down to shake out all the flakes. I’m already sensitive about my ears, but they were tingling like crazy and I was going insane from the itches you can’t reach. I know you’re not supposed to put anything in your ears, but in my sleep, I’d subconsciously claw at them. This would make my ears oily and waxy, and when they would dry out, it’d flake as much as the dandruff and the vicious itchy-cycle would start again.

Late last night, I was up itching, and wondered if there was a correlation between the dry scalp and itchy ears. I’ve read that excessive dandruff and itching could be fungi or bacteria, or maybe psoriasis/eczema, but they all required help from a dermatologist. But when there were results linking both scalp and ears AND showed home remedy, why not give it a try before finding a pro, expensive co-pays, and harsh Rx chemicals?

The results were overwhelming. I stumbled upon a whole “No ‘poo Movement”. There was even a subReddit for it. Many websites suggested washing with a baking soda paste and apple cider vinegar rinse. Hells no. Having a second floor shower, I am hesitant to put anything down the drain. So that wasn’t an option. The result that resonated with me most suggested to not use anything but water. The comments were encouraging and so, I decided I’m going to try a month of no shampoo. All the websites say most people give up within a week, but you will really need to give your hair time to adjust to see results. Hopefully, this will not only address my dry, itchy scalp, but my ear issue as well.

Here’s my picture today (2 days no shampoo):

To help track progress, I just added a reminder for August 14th. Mainly because I may go through this whole experience and never remember to post an update. We’ll see if I still have a smile on my face or if I’m dying to soap up my hair (or caved by then).


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